Ex-Hearts star Charles Taylor claims practising Christian footballers cannot worship God truly

Ex-Hearts playmaker Charles Taylor claims it’s impossible for  practising Christians footballers to worship God genuinely.

The 33-year-old retired footballer turned pastor says player’s insatiable desire for black magic ‘juju’ affects their spiritual life.

The use of black magic by Ghanaian players is particularly not new with constant claims they engage witch-doctors to enhance their profession.

Ex-Hearts and Kotoko playmaker Charles Taylor feels practising Christians cannot worship God truely if they stick to the profession.

‘There are instances where we are asked to bath with certain concoctions, smear ointments and other ridiculous substances on our bodies. Trust me if you don’t do it you will not play,’ he told Accra based Kasapa FM.

‘Let me tell you when I was in Kumasi, George Owu refused to partake in one of those activities before a game because he felt it was against his faith so the coach decided to drop him until he gave in.

“Look I am not saying you cannot play football and follow God but if you want to worship him really well then you cannot do it and play football in Ghana.

Ghanaian Premier League stars are handing over their meager earnings to witch-doctors in a bid to turn themselves into world beaters.

Many travel several miles to visit Juju men with supposed supernatural powers.

They are taught bizarre rituals said to boost their skills or break the curse of an injury.

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