Defence Ministry wallows in GHC206M debt

General News of Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Army ParadeFile photo

Document intercepted by Joy News has revealed that the Defence Ministry is saddled with debt to the tune of 206.43 million cedis.

According to the document which is coming from the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior the debt was accumulated from feeding, utilities and other essentials during international peacekeeping duties.

Some Members of Parliament are dissatisfied, saying the development is not good for the image of the Defence Ministry, the sector responsible for the country’s Navy, Airforce and Army.

This situation was a great source of worry to members of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior when the committee met the Defence Minister during an in-camera meeting today over budgetary estimation to the ministry.

Information gathered by Joy News’ parliamentary correspondent, Elton John Brobbey suggests that the ministry owes over USD 141,000 as overseas medical treatment.

It also owes: foreign training USD573,000; electricity 120.7 million cedis; water 19.4 million cedis; drugs over one million cedis; outstanding food bills 25.7 million cedis; petroleum products 33.1 million cedis; outstanding rent 1.4 million cedis; clothing for personnel 790 million cedis.