Kwabena Donkor is a liar – Kabila

General News of Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Source: Maame Yaa Emefa

Dr Kwabena Donkor Ceo NpcDr. Kwabena Donkor, Power Minister

James Kwabena Bomfeh, affectionately called Kabila, has said that the power minister, Mr. Kwabena Donkor, lied about the money and deal surrounding the purchasing of the power badge.

According to Kabila, the purchasing of the power badge including installation and civil works amounts to USD 35O million but the minister of power says the Government of Ghana is to do the civil works, so who is saying the truth, he questioned.

Kabila doing his mathematics in an interview on the Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ morning show stated that an additional USD 160 million has been added to the USD 350 million we are to pay which will go into the pocket of the AMERI group.

“From the figures given, USD 35 million per one multiplied by the 10 gas turbines which is already in Ghana amounts to the USD 350 million, when subtracted from the inflated USD 510 million deal made, it will be left with USD 160 million which will go into the coffers of the AMERI group whose office cannot be found; this is a clear case thief pocket and thievery,” he added.

The dumsor problem we are facing as a country is filling the pockets of some people, that is why promises are being postponed here and there.

The power crisis we are facing has become an avenue to create loot and share otherwise the government should explain why the engineers have said all we need is to buy crude to power our plants and we will be out of dumsor.

The deal has backfired, they (government) never thought the Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang (VG), will conduct this investigation oust all the dirty plans.

They are just perpetrating dumsor to enrich their pockets, he concluded.