Nothing can uproot me – Yamoah Ponkoh

General News of Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Yamoah Ponko NDCAfrifa Yamoah Ponkoh

President Mahama’s nominee for Ejisu Municipal Chief Executive, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has vowed to clinch decisive victory in the next round of voting after assembly members rejected his initial bid.

“Nothing can uproot me” Yamoah Ponkoh has been predicting an emphatic turnaround after 41 assembly men voted against him while 25 members backed him in the Ashanti regional municipality.

One assembly member who voted against Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh insisted that his leadership style is the main reason he was rejected.

“From my candid opinion, the leadership style of Yamoah Ponkoh leaves much to be desired…the assembly members have spoken”

Luv Fm’s Prince Appiah was at the voting center told Joy News Tuesday, opposition to Yamoah Ponkoh was a ‘chorus’. He reported that the controversial MCE is still seen as “very autocratic, imposing, disrespectful and abusive.”

Signs of a defeat were on the wall after some residents and assembly men vowed not to give Yamoah Ponkoh the nod after he was re-nominated by the president.

Last month protests heralded the announcement of the nomination of Yamoah Ponkoh. The extent of his unpopularity became evident when the NDC leadership in the area threatened to make the area ungovernable if he sails through and invoked curses to buttress their position.

The assembly members made good their promise Tuesday during the vote. Under the Local Government Act, Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh still has two more chances to get the assembly’s nod.

Yamoah Ponkoh told Joy News a comeback victory in the second round is imminent.

“There is no way I am going to retreat on this. I am going to claim decisive victory” he vowed.

He said the defeat has got him to do some “sober reflections” to iron out issues that may have worked against him.

Yamoah Ponkoh dismissed strong views about his confrontational leadership style stating “those who know me know me”.

Although he hopes to iron out issues with stakeholders within the assembly, he ruled out reconciliation with people he believes are hardliners.

“Why do I reach out to somebody who doesn’t see eye to eye with you,” Mr. Ponkoh dismissed any chance for reconciliation.

He said his defeat was the work of some few disgruntled elements within the assembly and some “ignorant” assembly members who are new to the process.

“A lot of things went under the bridge…I hope the next round a different story will be told…by the grace of Jehovah God,” he said.