GFA must consider good policies for the league – Obrafuo

Sports News of Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Ob 4Obrafuo

The debate over musicians luring fans to the stadium still continues. The Ghana Football Association in a bid to boost attendance for the Ghana Premier League are planning to use performances for top musicians in the country to lure football fans to the stadium.

The interest in the Ghana Premier League keeps declining over the years with football fans claiming the league is not interesting relative to the Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Bundesliga amongst others available on their televisions sets.

One of Ghana’s finest musicians Obrafour in an interview with Nkwa Radio, Italy shared his thought on the plan by the Ghana Football Association.

Obrafour backed the general concept but raised some questions saying:

“In general, it’s not a bad idea. But then question arises, what do people want to come to the stadium to see? It’s football.

“Why do you think the enthusiasm for football is low? That is where they should start from. They should look at why the attendance is very low and find a solution. I don’t think it is mainly entertainment or bringing musicians on board. With that, you’ll pay the musician, it an added cost.

“Will you bill the spectators with that?

“It’s not a bad idea overall but that will divert the attention from soccer to music.”

Obrafour reflected on the days when Hearts of Oak against Kotoko fixtures were so interesting without musician. He suggested the GFA take a look at some policies that might could rectify the current situation.

The musician also suggested that remuneration for players in the league should be one that can help keep the best players in the Ghana Premier League.

The GFA should however find good sponsorship deals to make the football side of the league better as that is what fans are interesting in not a musical concert.