Yvonne Nelson attacks colleagues in the film industry

Entertainment of Monday, 14 December 2015

Source: Celebritytvgh.com

Yvonne Nelson IndustryYvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson wants to celebrate this Christmas in peace so she wants certain people excluding the media to stop worrying about her.

She wants all who have been talking ill about her to concentrate on their success instead of taking time out of their busy schedules to worry about her.

In a Facebook post, the actress cum movie producer wrote:

“This is for the little minds in this industry….(not the media) haven’t done this in a while…. Y’all need to stop worrying about me and think about yourselves, pls concentrate on your lives and how to be better.

Leave the people I hang out with out of this. You guys need one thing in your lives and everything will be fine. God!

Accept HIM. THANK YOU. thanks @bobpixel for making me look this good. Dress by @_tinky”.