Stop mistaking jealousy and abuse for love – Vicky Zugah

Entertainment of Monday, 14 December 2015


Vicky Zugah 1Vicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah was raised from an abusive home and has been a victim of physical abuse in a relationship which almost claimed her life.

In an interview with Delay on the Delay Show, she said that her mom divorced her dad because he was abusive and she(Vicky Zugah) left a previous relationship because she had to flee for her life.

Today on Instagram, Vicky shared a photo of a lady who has been a victim of such abuse and used the opportunity to educate the ladies out there to stop mistaking jealousy and abuse for love.

“Physical abuse in a relationship is a crime punishable by law..DON’T stay wit an abusive partner tilL they kill u..trying to make peace with someone who isn’t ready to mak peace gives them the power to be more abusive..,show urself some luv and place a little bit of value on urself by walking out as soon as u start seeing signs while u still have life..people who luv u will never abuse u, know this and stop mistaking jealousy and abuse for love.