Inter Allies adjust pre-season plan to avoid being affected by delayed start of Premier League

Chief Executive Officer of Inter Allies, Delali Senaye says the club has put measures in place to ensure the team’s form is not affected by the delayed start of the Ghana Premier League.

The Ghanaian top flight is being delayed over lingering litigation.

This is similar to the situation that hit the league last year, forcing clubs to play several friendly matches before eventually the competition commenced after an over six-month delay.

Most of the clubs, especially the ones that failed to perform last season, blamed this on the delayed start of the season with claims their players were worn out before the competition begun.

Inter Allies CEO Delali Senaye says the club has put a system in place to ensure they are not found victim of this syndrome.

‘We are adjusting to the system,’ he said.
‘Unlike last season when we played many friendly matches to wait for the commencement of the league, we are doing proper planning now to adjust to the system.

‘The reason why we break the players is for them to have maximum rest and return on the 26th of December, we don’t want to repeat what happened last season.’

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