Edward Mahama re-elected PNC flagbearer, Mornah Chairman

Dr. Edward Mahama has triumphed over Hassan Ayariga, the 2012 presidential candidate for the Peoples National Convention (PNC), to become the flagbearer of the party.

PNC went to the polls on Saturday to elect executives to lead it ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Dr. Mahama at the end of the polls had 492 votes whilst his biggest contender Hassan Ayariga polled 426.

Hassan Ayariga prior to the election was accused of vote buying amidst the distribution of goodies and cash amounts.

Dr. Mahama was the PNC flagbearer in the 1996 presidential election through to 2008 after which Hassan Ayariga took over in 2012.

In the 1996 preidential election, Dr Mahama polled 3.0% of the votes cast. In the year 2000, his votes reduced to 2.5% and in 2004 he polled 1.9% of the votes cast. He tried the presidency again in 2008.

Meanwhile, the PNC’s General Secretary, Bernard Mornah has also been elected as the party’s Chairman.

Prior to the election, Bernard Mornah faced stiff opposition from some of the aspirants who had wanted him disqualified.

They accused Mr. Mornah of presenting a dud cheque for his filling fee claiming it is ‘unconstitutional’ and called for his disqualification.

One of the aspirants of the chairmanship position, David Apasera had gone to court to seek an injunction to stop the election until such issues are ironed out but the PNC ignored the court case and still proceeded with the election.

Full results below:


1. Bernard Mornaah 701
2. David Apasara 152
Abubakari Sadiq 50

1. Henry Haruna 310
2. Michael Womigo16
3. Hajia Ali Musah 272

Presidential candidate
1. Edward Mahama 492
2. Hassa Ayariga 426

General Secretary:
1. Atik Mohammed 518
2. Emmanuel will son 398

National Organiser:
1. Abu Ramadan 383
2. Desmond Ywimasi Nto 576

National Treasurer:
1. Mohammed Haruna 251
2. Kana Ibrahim 71
3. Benjamin Bediaku 19
4. Akane Adams 540
5. David Kadimu 32

National women’s organiser:
1. Janet Nabla 514
2. Elizabeth Amadikanya 385

National Youth Organiser:
1. Mark Ewusi Aku 252
2. Issahaku Awudulai 339
3. Alidu Mohammed Nazirudeen 222
4. Urine T. K Bashiru 93.

By: Godwin A. Allotey/citifmonline.com/Ghana