Target: Ghana plans to host the FIFA World Cup tournament

Think about it for just a moment, what a joy that would be to a football freak nation like Ghana. The entire world inside our mother Ghana, all the stars in football, all the coaches, all the teams and of courses all the beautiful ladies representing. FIFA World Cup tournament in Ghana? Oh blimey!

That is not just a thought but a plan as the government of Ghana embarks on an 40-year-plan to host football’s greatest tournament in the small West African country.

According to Executive Director of the National Development Planning Commission Dr.Nii Moi Thompson, Ghana has incorporated the hosting of a FIFA World Cup tournament in the National Development plan with is still under development.

Dr. Nii Moi Thompson told
‘We have factored that into the National Development Plan because we cannot leave sports out especially in this day and age.

‘We will hold a public briefing and explain that into detail, how we plan to go about that and all the steps in it, not only for the world cup and sports alone but across board.

‘As I stated in Parliament, we’ve incorporated the hosting of the world Cup into our National Infrastructure Plan [still under development].

‘We already have the World Cup dates from 2018, when the LT Plan starts, to 2058, one year after it ends.

‘We’re considering proposing Ghana hosting the World Cup midway, during which infrastructure development [including a national rail network and a complete resolution of our energy problems] would have been substantially completed.’

South Africa is the only country in Africa to have hosted a FIFA World Cup tournament. The African continent saw the entire football world join for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

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