Let your football talk on the field – Opoku Nti

Soccer OpokuNtinewGeneral Manager of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Opoku Nti

General Manager of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Opoku Nti has tasked players of the club to let their output on the field do the talking for them in moments when they are been chastised by fans.

Opoku Nti, who was present at the orientation event organized by the management of the club to usher in the newly recruited players stated that the performance of the players on the pitch will go a long way to sometimes calm the supporters down.

“Let your performance show on the pitch. When fans criticize you, don’t respond with your mouth; respond on the pitch for the very fans who sing ‘crucify him’ will later sing “hallelujah” said the General Manager.

“Your deeds on the pitch rather will change the perception of fans. Kotoko made me who I’m now and has the capability of making you too.”

“All you need is a good attitude. Train beyond what coach Duncan takes you through. That was my secret as a footballer. Your attitude will make or unmake you. Motivation starts with you. The red jersey is the blood of the Ashanti Kingdom” he added.