Ghanaians Skeptical of Minister’s latest ‘dumsor’ promise

General News of Friday, 11 December 2015


Kwabena Donkor  CommentDr. Kwabena Donkor, Power Minister

Some Ghanaians have laughed off with skepticism, a fresh promise by the Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor, who says the ongoing load shedding situation will improve significantly by next week .

In an interview with Citi News following the Minister’s latest promise, they stated emphatically that they had lost confidence in the government following it’s streak of unfulfilled promises.

According to them, the government is only paying lip service and dragging its feet in addressing the problem, but may only exhibit seriousness ahead of the general elections in 2016.

“We’ve lost confidence in government because they keep on lying to us all the time; so we don’t have any belief in them again.”

Another accused the government of simply trying to confuse Ghanaians with promises.

“We are not seeing any changes so I am thinking it’s because of the election they are trying to confuse us… I don’t think there will be any changes.”

The Power Minister made yet another promise of improvement in the current load shedding by next week, citing the coming on stream of some power plants like the AMERI Power Plant, the TAPCo Plant and the Karpower Barge as basis for his optimism.

He was speaking in an interview on TV3’s Hot Issue programme which is to be aired this Saturday.

“So essentially we are working on all fronts. I expect that the quantum being shed should be reducing from next week by which time we’ll have the 120 units in place from Atuabo by which time the 150 TAPCo unit that is down, that is 110 plus 16 component, would also have been up so barring any unforeseen circumstances the load shedding should be reducing from next week.”

Dr. Kwabena Donkor has already promised to resign by the end of December 2015, if the crisis persists but it appears he may not honor his promise following his latest attempts to give a different meaning to the Akan word ‘dumsor’, which simply means off and on.

It remains to be seen whether indeed President Mahama, will also carry out his threat of taking the Minister by his word, to act accordingly if the power situation persists after December.