Bui Dam spillage fixed for Monday

General News of Friday, 11 December 2015

Source: Daily Guide

Bui Dam PowerBui Dam

The Bui Power Authority has served notice the Bui Dam has experienced maximum inflow of water and intends to carry out testing of the spill gate from Monday, December 14 to 16.

The Authority has, however, assured the public that the expected discharge of water from the dam will not have any significant effect on the accumulated inflows for the operations of the Bui Generating Station in the next year.

The External and Community Relations Manager, Mumbilla Salifu, assured the public that all water discharged from the dam would flow into the Volta Lake to enhance power generation in the Akosombo dam as well as the Kpong Generation Station.

He said the water to be discharged during the test, is expected to remain below the river levels normally experienced in the rainy seasons prior to the construction of the dam.

According to Mr Salifu the authority would work closely with the National Disaster Management Organisation, the District and Municipal assemblies and Security agencies to sensitise communities living downstream from the dam to Buipe.