Shatta Rako will commit suicide – Cabum

Music of Thursday, 10 December 2015


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Rapper Cabum who is not pleased with dancehall artiste Shatta Rako’s claims that he first thought of embarking on a project to bring Kumasi artistes together to resurrect Oseikrom’s music says Shatta Rako should “stop hating” and join Okyeame Kwame’s KsiBoys movement else he will commit suicide.

The “Style Biabi” hitmaker in an interview with revealed that Shatta Rako always has something to complain about. To him, Shatta Rako will not benefit from music if he continues to protest against good projects.

“He will continue with this kind of behaviour and regret later. He will then hang himself and commit suicide like Judas after he betrayed Jesus. This will be when he is 100 years and has benefited nothing from music as a result of his current behavior of being bitter about everything.

There are certain things you need to forget and move on. Are you the only one people step on your toe? We all forgive people when they do something bad against us. If we are to concentrate on what people do against us then we will never be happy on this planet. What the fu**k?

How do you expect God to help you when you do not forgive others?” Okyeame Kwame released new song KsiBoys which featured rappers Flowking Stone, Cabum and Strongman on Farmer’s Day.

Shatta Rako after the song was released publicly announced that he first had the plan of embarking on such project to resurrect Kumasi music six months ago.

According to him, he contacted artistes like Cabum, Strongman, Kunta Kinte and Willy Maame to be on the song so he finds it worrying to see BRA Kwame also with same plan as his without him on the song.