Over 8,000 kids celebrate early X'mas with Cowbell Santa

Entertainment of Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Source: Gideon Kodo

Santa Cowbel TadiCowbell Santa funfair at Takoradi

In what could be described as the biggest kids event for the year, the Cowbell Santa funfair at Takoradi came to an end with over 8,000 kids having their fair share of all the goodies from the Cowbell Santa.

The highly publicized annual event, which was slated for The 5th of December, saw kids trooping in as early as 6am when the actual time for the start of the event was 9am.

The event started with a parade for the Cowbell Santa across the Takoradi Township with tuneful music from the brass band and captivating skating performances from santa’s assistants.

At the venue for the event, the kids were treated to some good music, which was spiced with choreographic performances from Humble Stars dance group and rap battles among the kids.

Kids were also engaged in other activities such as face painting, video games, bouncy castles and many more.

Thousands of kids were refreshed with Cowbell coconut, strawberry and choco-malt beverages as they continued the fun activities outlined for the day.

In all, kids from hundreds of schools and homes flooded the Jubilee Park of Takoradi in anticipation for the arrival Cowbell Santa.

Meandering queues were formed as Santa arrived to share the various gifts he had for the children gathered at the event.

The incident free event also had also had parent and teachers who had come to get their children and students entertained.

The event as described by Cowbell sought to celebrate the festive season with the thousands kids as a way of giving back to the society and also promises to make it bigger year on year.