Nana Kwesi joins Pluzz 89.9FM

Entertainment of Thursday, 10 December 2015


Nana Kwesi UrbanNana Kwesi

Nana kwesi Gyawu Asare is a bud of a talent that is yet to be appreciated for his skills behind the mic and console.

Nana who is a new narrative of the capital’s radio scene, Pluzz 89.9 FM, Ghana’s only showbiz dial it expected to be heard on 89.9 frequency in January.

His rich and unique voice is expected to take listeners into a new and enriching experience on our airwaves.

There is also a natural ease to which he presents with his dynamic voice, good diction, beautiful proficiency, a thrill at speaking and affinity towards listeners.

OK so till perhaps you encounter this beautiful young mind applying skill to professionalism, you can’t relate to the reason why Pluzz 89.9FM will project a future through him.

From the evening drive of VOM 107.5FM, to a well cut out radio format that best describes a genuine Ghanaian urban scene with the youth at a center stage, a fit of his kind and background will ease Pluzz 89.9FM onto solidifying its position as the “the happening radio format”.