Citi FM Ghana’s first Twitter verified station

Citi FM has become Ghana’s first Radio station to be verified on Twitter.

The station’s official Twiter account, @Citi973, is one of the most followed in the country and has been one of the most active in recent years.

The station’s tweets have consistently trended on Twitter in Ghana and in other countries including South Africa as well.

Exclusive hashtags like #CitiCBS, for the station’s breakfast show, #CitiSports, for sports updates, #SportsPanorama and #TrafficAvenue, the hashtag for the mid-afternoon radio show have become mainstays on the twitter trends list on a daily basis.

The station also provides regular news updates via the hashtag #CitiNews

Other hashtags including #BrunchInTheCiti, #EyewitnessNews and #TheBigIssue have also gained some traction in recent times on social media.

As of 7am on Thursday morning, the account had 219,231 followers

The familiar blue tick, denoting the accounts verified by the social networking site can now be seen beside the station’s handle (Twitter name).

It represents a milestone for the station which celebrated it’s 11th anniversary in November.

Followers of the station’s account have reacted to the verification by Twitter:


By: Edwin Kwakofi/