Ankrah worried about league start

Hearts MD Gerald AnkrahGeneral Manager of Hearts of Oak, Gerald Ankrah

General Manager of Hearts of Oak Gerald Ankrah has expressed uneasiness with the lack of a start date for the new premier league season.

According to him, the current situation serves as a financial burden to clubs who have to constantly pay players despite their inactivity.

Teams have plunged into serious pre-season with some moving into various camping sites. For Ankrah, this is an uncomfortable situation for Hearts as well as clubs in the league.

“It is not a comfortable position at all not to know when or the day the league is starting. Don’t forget we have players that we are paying, it is not comfortable for most clubs.”

“It is our hope that pretty shortly the GFA will come out with a tentative date and then we will have to program our training to all that.”

The league is rumoured to commence on December 20.