'I started as an actor with Lydia Forson and Martha Ankomah'

Entertainment of Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Source: Ghanagist.com

Gasmilla HandsGasmilla

Every talented genius has a story to tell. Once upon a time, the Telemo hit maker, Gasmilla started off as an actor.

He said this to GhanaGist.com during his feature on “5 Things People Don’t Know”.

“I actually started off as an actor. I was in (the) next movie star with Lydia Forson and Martha Ankomah and others. I almost went through it, I was at the final selection and they took a certain guy called Emmanuel. I was kicked out. Since then I gave up on acting. So I came to this industry as an actor,” these were the words from the International Fisherman, Gasmilla to GhanaGist.com. His lost at the Next Movie Star made him gave up on acting and has concentrated commercially on music.

Gasmilla is one of the best musicians in Ghana and he confirms that “music has been number one though but I wanted to be an actor has well.”

Watch out for the full “5 Things People Don’t Know” about Gasmilla below: