I am not plotting against Sabahn Quaye – Ankrah

Gerald Ankrah Is The New Hearts MDHearts of Oak’s Managing Director Gerald Anrah

Hearts of Oak’s Managing Director Gerald Anrah has denied badmouthing Team Manager Sabahn Quaye to coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi.

The Japanese trainer was engaged in a fierce training ground bust-up with his Team Manager on Monday.

Rumours has it the two are at each other’s throat over attempts by the club’s MD to get rid of Sabahn Quaye.

Quaye is considered an extremely powerful member of the club who even has the potential of recommending the sacking of key personalities at the club. But Gerald Ankrah has debunked these rumours, labeling them as pure falsehood.

“All that people are saying are not true. They are not true!” he fumed. “Why will I speak to the coach of Sabahn and so forth? It is not true. “I don’t know where people are peddling this falsehood.”

Gerald Ankrah has been accused of attempts to force Sabahn Quaye out of the club.

He was only last week reported to have been re-assigned as a logistics manager but these reports were dismissed by the club.