Apply the rules to save Ghana football – Kuuku Dadzie

Sports News of Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Kuuku DadzieKuuku Dadzie

A former player of the Black Stars, James Kuuku Dadzie, has passionately appealed to the various committees of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to be swift and strict in applying the statutes of the association in matters of dispute without prejudice.

He said if the rules governing the game were swept under the carpet or the rules bent in the interest of certain parties, the country’s football would continue to suffer.

“All I am saying is that where there is evidence that a particular team or individual has erred, the committees must be bold to apply the statutes and come out with the verdict but if in delivering the final decision we do so by serving the interest of some clubs or individuals, then we cannot avoid litigations such as what is trending currently in our football.”

Sharing his thoughts with the Graphic Sports on boardroom wrangling and litigations that characterise the country’s elite football league at the end of every season, the former Black Queens coach, who admitted that the standards of the country’s football had fallen, also cautioned that the current happenings would affect planning by the respective clubs, as well as the national teams and their assignments.

“This is because when the league is in session it improves the fitness of players, eases a bit of financial burden, especially on the clubs, and keeps the programmes of the teams intact,” Kuuku said and appealed to the committees, which he described as “competent”, to diligently deal with the issues brought before them and where there was evidence be bold to take the right decisions.

Mr Dadzie also attributed the falling standards to the frequent mass exodus of players, coupled with the poor remuneration, and called on clubs in the country to improve the conditions of service of players to entice them to stay and play at home.