MNS Doe: Don't pay musicians to perform at matches

Sports News of Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Kwesi NyantakyiKwesi Nyantakyi

Pugnacious outgoing Chairman of the Central Regional Football Association MNS Doe has laughed off calls for the involvement of local musicians who the GFA will be engaging to draw fans to the stadium.

The President of the Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi had made a famous suggestion that the FA is considering involving local musicians at our various match venues as a measure to increase spectatoring.

The Ghana Premier League for the past decade have had issues regarding it attractiveness in the era of competition with other leagues for viewership as local fans prefer European games to the domestic football.

But MNS Doe has openly said, if the musicians will perform for free then they are welcome but if they will be paid, he is advising the FA to rather give the monies to the clubs.

“If musicians who will come and be paid, why don’t we give the money to the clubs to use it in their preparations? “W it is true that we want to increase spectatorship at the various centers but I don’t think that is the best method,” Doe said on Uniiq FM’s show dubbed ‘The Game’.

“I would suggest that if the musicians are to perform for free, then let’s call them on board. But if they will charge us for what they will be doing, which I know they will, then there is no need engaging them.”

“The clubs should rather be given the monies these musicians will take so that at least they can push themselves a little further,” he concluded.

MNS Doe is currently contesting the Chairmanship of the Central Regional Federation in Court after he lost to Roy Arthur on the grounds that he was unqualified to contest for the position.