‘Ministries are corrupt’- Lawyer Adofo

General News of Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Source: Ultimate1069.com

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A Kumasi-based private Legal Practitioner, Lawyer Kwame Adofo has lashed out at the various ministries in the country for being corrupt.

According to him, there is no single ministry that has not been tainted with corruption, saying majority of the staff in the ministries have in one way or the other engaged in some sort of corruption.

‘You cannot even name one ministry that stand up as been able to withstand the image of not being corrupt. You can see from the financial debacles in the various ministries,’ he pointed out.

Lawyer Adofo observed that Ghana is the most hypocritical country in the world, as customers have to pay bribes before services are being rendered.

‘This is one of the very most hypocritical countries in the world, we claim we are Christians, but we are far very corrupt. In our day to day activities, in our offices, you can see even the type of service you get, unless you pay money you are not going to get the kind of service you want, are you surprised, look at the government we are running, everybody knows that this is a very corrupt government,’ he fumed.

Speaking on Ultimate Fact File hosted by Julius Anadem Caeser, he said Ghana cannot hold itself as the gateway to Africa anymore.

‘Not long ago we were claiming that Ghana was the gateway to Africa, now we are gateway to Africa because we are very corrupt,’ he said.

He alleged that people become rich overnight when they enter into politics.

‘ Very sad, I agree with the civilised and due processes of handling corruption issues in court by government, but you can see why there is mad rush for people to go into politics, every young person wants to be in politics, because when they do, they are going to be rich overnight,’ he claimed.

In juxtaposing Deputies Ministers to their school mates in universities, the Legal Practitioner said the former who have amassed wealth are way ahead of the latter.

‘Let sample the youth, the so-called deputy ministers, who were brought in by the late former President Atta Mills, they are wealthy now. Let’s compare them with their colleagues, the people they finished universities with, they are way ahead of them. Why because when you go there, you can scheme, create, loot, and share there is a way that is why, unless we get a competent and visionary government, this corruption will not only remain a perception but a reality as well,’ he asserted.

He expressed worry that Ghana is leading Nigeria in the corruption perception index by Transparency International.

‘Nigeria is a very serious corrupt country so, if your country has taking over Nigeria, this is a serious concern that we need to look at. Nigeria is known worldwide that is supposed to be corrupt; I think we need not to be happy about it,’ he bemoaned.

He urged the Mahama-led government to discipline state and party officials who engage in bribery and corruption.

‘We live in 21st century, 2015, where we should now be setting good examples for others to follow. Unless government takes the bull by the horn, it will always happen, we saw the debacle at Brazil, instead of firing those involved in corruption, they were all quickly shipped to the Flagstaff house. The Presidency shouldn’t have been on the list,’ he suggested.