73-Year-Old Man Snorts Cocaine In Front Of Police Officers During Traffic Stop


Seattle police said a 73-year-old arrested for snorting cocaine during a traffic stop was nearly released due to his clean driving record. The Seattle Police Department said in a blog post Officer Nic Abts-Olsen pulled a vehicle over for driving without headlights after dark about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Coleman neighborhood.

The traffic stop was recorded by the officer’s dashboard camera and the department posted the footage to YouTube. Abts-Olsen checked the license and registration given to him by the 73-year-old motorist and was planning to release the man due to his spotless driving record, but when he returned to the Toyota he saw the man scooping cocaine out of a small glass vial.

The officer knocked on the motorist’s window, apparently startling the elderly man and causing him to spill the white powder onto his hands and the floor of the vehicle. “Are you kidding?” the police blog post quotes Abts-Olsen as saying to the driver.

The driver initially claimed he had only “vitamins” in the car, but eventually admitted the substance was cocaine. The suspect “complimented Officer Abts-Olsen on his keen detection skills and admitted that snorting cocaine in the middle of a traffic stop was, perhaps, a poor decision,” the blog post reads. “Please abstain from using cocaine, especially during a traffic stop,” police said in the YouTube video.


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