Mayweather Shows Off Cash Again

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is not shy when it comes to showing off his mighty wealth – but it appears he’s in the mood to keep the cash close to him at the moment.

A social media account affiliated with the boxer posted a picture of him hugging a huge bag of cash while wearing an extremely audacious technicolour dreamcoat.

Alongside the post, which was shared on Instagram, he wrote: ‘MOOD’ followed by numerous emoji’s relating to cool hard cash.

Just days earlier Mayweather grabbed himself a Guinness World Record as he hosted an open training session in Russia, which was attended by 791 people and around 3,000 spectators.

The 38-year-old allowed some youngsters to join him in the ring at a local concert hall as he demonstrated his technique to the packed audience in the Russian capital, with the boxing fans replicating his movements.

Official Guinness World Records judge Sofia Greenacre was on hand to note down the new record and hand Mayweather his award; the previous record was set in 2014, in London, but only had a mere 508 participants.

The event, which was designed to give something back to his Russian fans, was organised by Boxing Academy in association with Russian Timber Group and State Corporation Rostec.

Mayweather was also pictured inside the cockpit of a private jet with Money Team Boss and CEO Of Philthy Rich Records P-Reala.