KsiBoys movement was my idea – Shatta Rako

Music of Monday, 7 December 2015

Source: Zionfelix.com

Shatta Rako ArtistShatta Rako

Okyeame Kwame together with Flowking Stone, Cabum and Strongman on Farmer’s Day released a new song, KsiBoys aimed at resurrecting Kumasi music.

Just when the song and idea was gaining grounds, dancehall artiste Shatta Rako has complained bitterly about the project claiming he first conceived the idea of bringing Kumasi artistes together on one song to propagate same agenda as Okyeame Kwame’s.

Rako in an interview with DJ Roar on Kessben FM in Kumasi said he was surprised to hear Okyeame Kwame’s song, #KsiBoys which featured two of the artistes, Cabum and Strongman he contacted six months ago when he first had the idea.

According to him, after going on a radio tour to announce his plans, he gave instrumental to Cabum, Strongman, Willy Maame, Kunta Kinte for them to record so after sometime, he called Strongman only for him to tell him that Okyeame Kwame had also contacted for same project. He continued that Cabum also told him same thing when he tried to brief him on what Strongman had told him.

“After sometime I wasn’t hearing from Strongman so when I reached him, he told me Okyeame Kwame had also called for same project so I closed the case on his side. I also called Cabum to ask what was going on because this is what Strongman is telling me. Cabum also told me Kwame had called to tell him about same project but when Okyeame Kwame called him, he told him he is even aware of our project because Kunta Kinte had already told him. These were the words of Cabum” Shatta Rako narrated.

When Zionfelix.com contacted Strongman on the issue, he said Shatta Rako did not tell him the project was about bringing Kumasi artistes together on one song to develop the industry in the Garden City.

“He said he wanted to record song with me, Willy Maame and Co but I did not hear from him again. So after I met Okyeame Kwame about his project and recorded my version, Rako called to tell me that his instrumental is ready and told me about his idea for the song. So I told him I don’t like his idea because I had already recorded same thing with Okyeame Kwame”.

In a chat with Zionfelix.com, angry Cabum also told Shatta Rako to keep quiet to support the KsiBoys movement because his ranting will not help him as an artiste.

“The day Flowking Stone came to get the instrumental for “Fie Bon Dem”, he brought the idea of calling Okyeame Kwame, Kojo-Cue, Strongman and other guys to sing on it but he didn’t follow up. So from then Okyeame Kwame started recording the #KsiBoys and he contacted me. So after then Shata Rako also wanted to do same project and I told him Okyeame Kwame is also embarking on same project and I’m even on it.

So it is not the case like Shatta Rako told me about his idea and I informed Okyeame Kwame about it. It is never like that”

On allegation that he told Shatta Rako that “when Okyeame Kwame called him, he told him he is even aware of our project because Kunta Kinte had already told him”, Cabum denied saying he never told Shatta Rako those words.

Cabum who seemed angry said Shatta Rako’s behavior he is exhibiting now is childish and it will affect him negatively if he does not put a stop it.

“Are you the only person God gives idea about a project? It is childish. You are grownup but there are certain things that you do which prove that you are a child. Lets all help in pushing the project so that we will all gain from it at the end of the day.”