It's unnecessary to compare highlife and hiplife – Rex Omar

Entertainment of Monday, 7 December 2015


Rex Omar MahamaRex Omar

Legendary highlife and Jazz artiste, Rex Omar says it is needless to compare Ghanaian music genres, highlife and hiplife.

The musician who recently bounced back to active music with “Paapa” on Angel FM in Kumasi said we should promote both genres since they are all from Ghana.

“Hiplife is a generational thing which can be found in other parts of the world. We are living in a global world where Westerners have bombarded us with their culture through their media and that applies to music, the more you hear, the more it inks in your blood.

I don’t believe it is necessary to say hiplife should be killed leaving highlife or highlife should be killed leaving only highlife. We should project both together for those who want to sing hiplife to do and do it well and for the others who want to toe the highlife lane to also do and do it well. At the end of the day if its hiplife, its Ghana and if its highlife, it’s the same Ghana.”