Angry Cabum punches George Quaye

Music of Saturday, 5 December 2015


Cabum NewCabum

Kumasi based hip pop artiste, Cabum has chided George Quaye, a member of the production team for this year’s Tigo Music Unplugged following the latter’s statement on Facebook directed at rapper, Flowking Stone.

An unhappy Flowking told the audience that he was asked to end his performance abruptly and went ahead to chastise event organisers for always marginalising artistes who are based in Kumasi.

This led to George Quaye putting a statement on Facebook that Flowking’s behaviour was an act of indiscipline.

Cabum, who has released a song to campaign against how Kumasi based artistes are treated, stated on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz that the posture of George Quaye was unprofessional.

“When you host a show in Accra, you don’t bill us to perform. You come to Kumasi and bill Accra-based artistes to perform. If it were done to artistes in Accra, how would they feel? This is not about tribalism. Put yourself in my shoes,” he told show host, Sammy Flex.

“Initially, Stone was not part of the artistes to perform. They brought him after concerns were raised. You gave him an hour to perform and while on stage you tell him to perform for ten minutes. What kind of unprofessionalism is that? He’s not performed his hit song, ‘Me Kyeakyea’ yet you say he should end. And when he complains, you sit somewhere and talk rubbish that you will destroy his career. Are you God? You are a mere mortal,” Cabum fumed.

He continued: “You brought Patoranking to Kumasi. No disrespect to him but what hit songs has he? Can you do that in Nigeria? It is ‘wack’”

Reacting to the issue on the same platform, George Quaye denied saying he would end Flowking Stone’s career. He reiterated that he will not be able to work with Flowking until he apologises for his actions.

“Am I that powerful? That is not a thing I can ever say… Am I the only event organiser in Ghana? How can I even conceive something like that? Who am I? Am I God?” he quizzed.