Flowking Stone’s comments at Tigo Unplugged 'rubbish'

Entertainment of Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Source: abrantepa.com


Film producer, Socrates Safo has described as “rubbish” a tribal card played on stage by Kumasi-based artiste, Flowking Stone during the 2015 Tigo Music Unplugged show.

Flowking Stone was reported to have spewed that organisers of events have always disrespected Kumasi-based artistes after he was told to end his performance.

On their part, producers of the show have explained that they did not have enough time on their hands, a reason for which all performances had to be shortened. This, they say was communicated to the artiste even before he mounted the stage to perform.

However, the artiste exceeded the period they agreed on and when he was signalled, he made a statement that event organisers always fail to acknowledge Kumasi-based artistes.

Socrates, making a submission on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz hosted by Sammy Flex said the comment was “rubbish”.

According to him, the artiste should have handled the issue in a professional manner. He could not fathom why some people would always want to be tribal in their remarks.

“…sometimes, things happen and if it is coming from a Kumasi person, the moment you decide to do something about it, they cry foul and play ethnic cards. I will say that it’s not fair for Flowking Stone to use that Kumasi tag. Aside that, I think he was right to react though he could have reacted professionally,” he noted.

Socrates however jabbed organisers for failing to put things in order.

“But I think the producers of the show were just incompetent,” he said.

The 2015 Tigo Music Unplugged was held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi on Saturday.