Banku Can't Pull Out! GBA Screams

Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku
The country’s boxing governing body, Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) has frowned on unbeaten Cruiserweight Champion Braimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku’s decision to pull out of his December 26 bout with Ayittey Powers.

To the GBA, Banku’s decision to call off the bout is a clear case of breach of contract, having agreed with the promoters to put up a show earlier.

GBA spokesperson Naa Darkua Dodoo, reacting to Banku’s decision said, ‘What Banku is doing is not done. Whether the contract was verbal or a written one, he is obliged to show up as per the contract. He can’t just say he has pulled out of the bout.

‘As far as I know, he has taken a fraction of his purse from the promoters, so he can’t say he is pulling out. A contract is contract and it should be treated as such. We can’t take what Banku is saying for an answer.’

And in a sharp response to GBA’s threat, Banku said, ‘They can’t do me foko! They can take me to court or Antoa or wherever they want to take me to.

‘My brother, when Alvarez pulled out ahead of his clash against Joshua Clottey, was he sanctioned? They shouldn’t waste my time.’

Banku indicated that his suspicion of an alleged fishy deal involving his opponent, the promoters and the officials for a probable scoring against him, stressing this necessitated his decision to bow out.

Banku triumphed in their first meeting – a bout that drew thousands to the Accra Stadium.

And for their second meeting, a sleek Range Rover is at stake, raising the stakes in the clash fixed for Boxing Day, December 26 in Accra.

But Banku released a bombshell this week saying:
‘Secretly someone revealed to me that Joy Dadi (sponsors of the fight) are supporting Ayitey Powers to beat me because they have bribed the judges and the referee.

‘I don’t understand. On our contract signing they branded Ayitey Powers with Joy Dadi T-shirt and they left me. I don’t understand it because Dr. Manfred and Dr. Harry are like fathers to me and I was wondering why they treated me like that, because they want to disgrace my work and disgrace me.

‘So December 26 I’m not fighting. If they are supporting Ayitey Powers to beat me then they should be ready for February 26 because I’m ready for February and I will kill Ayitey and the Range Rover I don’t like it.’

By Kofi Owusu Aduonum