'Sakawa boy' goes crazy for refusing to sleep with mad woman

General News of Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Source: The Republic

Sakawa ComputerFile photo

Enusah Fusseini, a 22-year-old “Sakawa” boy has gone insane after refusing to do the bidding of a fetish priest to have sexual intercourses with a madwoman-a task that was to mark the end of the seven-day directive of the fetish priest.

The victim, as a result of his insanity, stabbed his younger brother to death, this paper can confirm.

In an interview with The Republic Newspaper, Mallam Waha-Djud, a spiritualist at Apam junction in the central region who is currently working on the boys’ health, said the boy’s family brought Fusseini for spiritual cleansing and healing.

Mallam Waha-Djud, after examining Fusseini, confirmed that indeed the boy is under severe spiritual attack for failing to perform the last task of the gods.

He told this paper that, “if Fusseini had gone through the seven-day rituals proposed by his fetish priest, he would not have faced the insanity problem he is contending with now, and he would have indeed made the money he wanted so badly”.

The Mallam further told this paper that the mad “sakawa” boy has been taken to many spiritual homes, without success; adding that even the fetish priest in whose hands he suffered the insanity cannot reverse it because he is of a lesser power.

Mallam Waha-Djud explained that the country now has thousands of fake fetish priests with little or no powers duping greedy youth who will stop at nothing to get rich oblivious of the consequences thereafter.

Adding that he has what it takes to heal the boy, “who is currently responding to treatment, but the healing process will take time. It is a gradual process”.

The victim’s family member, Nana Wusu, speaking to this paper, confirmed, “The victim indeed stabbed one of his brothers to death”, and also confirmed that they have made efforts, by taken him (the victim) to several spiritual homes for healing and reversal of the curse but the results have always been negative.