Royal touch: Otumfuo tells Coach Duncan to instill discipline in Kotoko

The Owner and Life Patron of Asante Kotoko, the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has charged Coach David Duncan to instill discipline into the playing body. He said discipline was crucial to the success of the team and thus tasked the coach to sack any recalcitrant player in the supreme interest of the club.

‘Discipline must be the first thing. If you don’t have discipline and you think you are the only one who can play, sack him in the interest of the team. This is my policy’ said the Asantehene when he paid a surprise visit to the team at the Adako Jachie training ground last Friday.

‘If anyone feels indispensable and feels that, without him Kotoko won’t survive, leave him out. Field those who are disciplined. It’s as simple as that. So that they will know it’s a contractual obligation between them and Kotoko. Kotoko have an obligation to make sure anything you’re looking for – technical training, financial incentives, bonus, you will have it’ Otumfuo said.

He further admonished the coach not to tolerate complacency. He encouraged him to field players based on their performance at training. ‘Coach, select your players based on training. Don’t favour any player. The kind of training a player will do for the week, which makes you think he can play, must determine your selection. You don’t have to favour anyone’ he said.

‘Kotoko is more important than any preferences you have. If you aren’t convinced about any player’s training, don’t field him. Punish any player who will be complacent’ he added.  The revered King also urged the players to show proper commitment and dedication not only to Kotoko but also to their profession.  

‘If you want to play for Kotoko, you must have the faith that, truly, you love the team. Otherwise, you will have to leave. It’s true that, now football is about money but I have said that, issues about money aren’t your business; we will find out how we will handle it’ he said.

‘Remember that, this is your profession. It’s not just your wish that you are playing football. You are playing so that it will take you somewhere’ said Nana. On Kotoko’s financial obligation to the players, the Asantehene promised to handle it. ‘I am told those of you who have been retained; there is an amount you have to be paid. They’re working on it…

‘Those of you who have been newly recruited; they are also working on yours. Everything will be brought to me… I have said that, we won’t pay some and leave some. We will go for a loan to pay everything so that there will be nothing left’ he said to a hefty applause.


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