I'm not moved by insults from Flowking Stone’s fans – George Quaye

Entertainment of Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Source: abrantepa.com

George Quaye TickledGeorge Quaye

A member of the production team for last Saturday’s Tigo Music Unplugged, George Quaye has stated he is unmoved by insults rained on him by fans of rapper, Flowking Stone.

The musician is reported to have said that event organisers disrespect Kumasi-based artistes. This was after he was signalled to end his performance because there were other artistes on the bill.

George Quaye who was not happy about Flowking playing a tribal card at the event held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium took to his Facebook timeline and expressed his displeasure.

His post was met with unprinted words from fans of Flowking who felt George Quaye was not being fair to the artiste.

But speaking to Abrantepa.com, George Quaye stated he was never harsh on Flowing; neither was he perturbed about the insults heaped on him by the fans.

“…where was harsh? Look at the insults people have levelled which unfortunately does not tickle me. I have read and even seen worst. Which part of my post was harsh? The fact that I addressed every part of the show including event organisers and sponsors,” he queried.

Narrating what happened on the night, George Quaye said Flowking Stone disrespected organisers after he chose to go beyond his time. And when he was signalled to end his performance, he spewed that organisers have always disrespected Kumasi-based artistes.

“Because the show started late we tried to appeal to all the artistes that came on the bill to cut down their performance size. When Flowking Stone came, I went to him backstage to speak to him. That was about twenty minutes before his performance. I told him about the challenge. He did admit that he wasn’t happy about the development but we agreed on fifteen minutes… I felt he didn’t give the production team that respect back because he did exactly what he wanted to do. After twenty minutes, I was giving his DJ pressure and he kept saying, ‘last song’ but kept playing new ones. So I told DKB [emcee for the event] to go on stage and stop the act so that we could move on because there were many other acts to perform. Just before DKB went on stage, I think he saw DKB coming. And he [Flowking] goes like, We are leaving. They say we should end our performance. That kind of disrespect towards Kumasi artistes is bad,’” George said.

Meanwhile, Flowking Stone on Pluzz FM defended his action on the basis that he wanted the audience to know he was being asked to end his performance abruptly so they will not blame him for not performing to their expectation.

Here is his account as posted on Facebook:

… And the funny thing is, when their driver who was supposed to pick us up to the event grounds, after making us wait for more than an hour infront of the hotel, was called, he said and I quote that ‘seisei a na me k)si MzVee, ad3n mede3 me ndidi anaa’… meaning, he is going to eat before he comes to pick us… So how come the same people who delayed us now say we were late… isn’t it funny

Trying to bully and punish us for a crime they have committed, They tell us 5minutes before we hit the stage to make a show they have contracted us for 1 hour, that we’ve rehearsed for about a month with, to use 5minutes to cut the show down to 10minutes because he ‘thinks’ we were late .. 3y3 as3m oo……God dey!! Still we rise…. FireBonDem?