I won’t accept any political appointment – Audrey Gadzekpo

Audrey Gadzekpo ProfProfessor Audrey Gadzekpo

A senior Lecturer at the School of Communication Studies of the University of Ghana, Professor Audrey Gadzekpo has revealed that she would never take up any political appointment from any government.

According to the tough talking Communications Consultant, politics is not a field she fancies and does not see herself working with any government.

“I am not ready to take any political appointment,” the 54-year-old told Bola Ray, host of Starr Chart Wednesday on Starr 103.5FM.

The Dean of the School of Information and Communication at the University of Ghana added that “I get that a lot and I think that because people think that if you are assertive enough to take on politicians then you should go into politics but I think that we all have our roles to play”.

Prof. Gadzekpo also dismissed perceptions and claims that she is arrogant and treats her students with disdain.

According to her, people often mistake assertiveness and confidence for arrogance adding that she is a no-nonsense person who expects her students to do the right thing.