Boring game: Mauritania president orders penalty shoot-out in 63rd minute

Mauritania president Mohaed Ould Abdel Aziz allegedly orderd a penalty shootout during his country’s Super Cup final… in the 63rd minute.

The 58-year-old president, was present at the Super Cup match between FC Tevragh-Zeina and ACS Ksar.

But Gazzetta reports that Aziz wasn’t enjoying the fixture, and 63 minutes in, with the scores locked at 1-1, he ordered penalties to be taken.

It is claimed Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was so bored in the stands as FC Tevragh-Zeina battled ACS Ksar, that he requested the referee stop the match and settle it with spot-kicks. Tevragh-Zeina won the farce shootout, but it was a victory overshadowed by outrage.

However, Mauritanian federation’s president, Ahmed Ould Abderrahmane, later released a statement in which he tried to shift the blame to ‘organisational issues’.

He said: ‘I deny in the strongest terms the intervention of the President of the Republic.The decision was made due ​​to organizational issues in accordance with the presidents and the coaches of the two teams.’

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