Digital age, huge opportunity for today’s marketer

Business News of Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Source: Veronica Penelope Onuman / GhanaWeb

Adewale Obaseki CIMGAdewale Obaseki, MD TNS

The constantly connected nature of consumers of this age presents “a lot of opportunities for today’s marketer” says speaker at the Chartered Institute of Marketers Ghana CIMG’s seminar Adewale Obaseki held under the theme: “Integrated strategy in a digital Ghana” on November 26, 2015.

The speaker stated this in connection with the widespread use of technological devices and apps by prospective customers at different levels, for the most part of the day.

He noted that the three platforms that have gained massive popularity among the youth are Instant Messaging (IM) apps such as whatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook messenger among others, with 86% of internet users in Ghana connected to such IM every day.

He thus urged marketers to take advantage of opportunities available via these platforms to get through to their target audience.

Quizzed on how to effectively tap these digital resources, Mr, Obaseki advised that research be conducted to identify which platforms are most patronized by the various segments of prospective customers as well as relevant content they seek in order to reach them; this, he said, is key in achieving efficiency and reachability as a marketer.

Touching on challenges with this emerging trend, he mention bad publicity post which can go viral considering the overwhelmingly fast pace information travel on such media, but he cautioned against attempts to delete social media post gone bad and viral, and advised that such blunders be managed the best way possible to minimize damage to one’s brand.

As research has revealed that the popularity of conventional Television is declining with the advent of the myriad opportunities online, the digital platform presents is grand opportunity that marketers can tap into.

He however said conclusively that beside all the opportunities marketers stand to gain with the current technologies available, they should remember that it comes with, ‘the good, bad and the ugly’ and this is inevitable.