Thugs Pounce On JHS Teacher

A Twi Language teacher at Kotwi Junior High School (JHS) near Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, Tuesday morning suffered the humiliation of being beaten by hired thugs in the presence of his students.

Oppong Jerry, the teacher, was in the computer room of the school when five stoutly-built men entered the room in a dangerous fashion and dragged him outside.

Before he could utter a word, the blood-thirsty people had started pummeling him from all sides in the presence of the panic-stricken students, who only looked on in awe.

Mr Oppong reportedly wept like a baby as his fiendish-looking attackers virtually turned him into a punching bag. The hoodlums only abandoned him after he had become very weak.

The teacher, who suffered body pains, alleged that the mother of one of his students, who he (Oppong) caned over bad behaviour the previous day, hired the thugs to beat him.

According to him, he marked the examination papers of his class and the said student (name withheld,) who is in JHS two, scored 12/100, which certainly is not a good mark.

Oppong said on Monday he handed the examination papers to the students and ordered them to mention in turns what they scored during the examination to the hearing of the whole class

The teacher said the said student allegedly used a pen to change his score from 12 to 42, and so as the teacher, he caned the girl just to warn her not to repeat that action in future.

The poor teacher maintained that after class was over, the girl reported the incident to her mother who engaged the thugs to come and beat him in the school, adding that he had reported the case to the Trede police, who are currently investigating the matter.

A police source at Trede confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE, but said no arrests had been made as at Thursday evening.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

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