Children of Dabala prayed and God answered!

In an era where even schools not too far from the capital are in need of help, pupils in some of Ghana’s forgotten villages can only watch with bated breath. And when schools in or around Accra are reported to lack modern teaching and learning materials, pupils in rural schools can only be jealous. And of course, pray to the high heavens to let a miracle happen to them.

The prayers of parents and pupils at Dabala Agbogblan in the Volta Region were answered and the miracle they hoped and prayed for came in grand style.

Doscar Foundation, set up by Group Chairman of EuroStar Global Limousines, Mr. Oscar Yao Doe, performed the miracle!

The foundation built a modern school facility for nursery 1 & 2, Kindergarten 1&2, a computer room, library, teachers’ office and a storeroom for the people of the deprived community located in the South Tong District of the region.

Mr. Yao Doe says the Lady Victoria Nyamekeh Memorial School was built in honour of his late grandmother who hails from the village.

The school has been built to rival any in the capital in terms of enhancing quality teaching and learning.

And the founder of Doscar Travel and Tour and Eurotours, was himself at the school trying his hands on teaching the kids.

He wanted to measure the usefulness of some of the teaching and learning materials presented to the school.

The decision to put up the school was not only in recognition of the critical role his grandmother played in his life, but also borne by a desire to create an enabling environment for the children of the community to acquire enduring learning behaviour.

He said the formative years of children are critical for which reason Doscar Foundation decided to focus attention on this level of education.

“If the children get a good foundation, they can pursue education to whatever level they wish to. But if the foundation is shaky, as unfortunately is the case for many children in communities such as this, then we cannot be sure that children are being adequately prepared to explore the empowering benefits of education later in life,” he said.

He is buoyed by the ability of education to lift millions of people out of poverty and disease and believes the best way to keep his grandmother’s memory alive is creating an opportunity for children to take the steps that will eventually put them on the path to lifting themselves and their families out of the cycle of poverty that is pervasive in many rural communities.

With a team of volunteers from the various universities led by Bianca Wellington, Oscar taught and motivated the children.

The team also provided them with a buffet lunch – giving the kids an historic and memorable experience.

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