Every lady is natural in her own way – Kofi Mantey

Music of Thursday, 30 July 2015

Source: Ghjoy.net

Kofi Mantey NaturalKofi Mantey

Kofi Mante is one of the people who believe being a Natural Lady isn’t just about having a Natural Hair but to embrace everything God has giving you.

The Canadian based Ghanaian rapper in his recent single titled Natural gave several reasons why ladies should be proud in their special ways.

According to Kofi Mante, being natural isn’t just about having a natural hair as most of us see but to him, every lady who embraces everything God has giving her is a natural woman.

In the song, I talked about the natural hair once in a line and focused on other features of a natural woman. Kofi Mante stated.

Explaining his explanation, the “Yen Da” hitmaker said, a guy can fall in love with a lady regardless of her flaws and at the same time, another guy can choose not to love that particular girl due to these same flaws someone loved her for.

Truth is, no matter how beautiful a lady is to someone, there is always going to be another fellow who will disregard that beauty and go in for someone you will see to be ugly.

But a lady who is confident in her looks and doesn’t need to paint her body with crayons or get the hourglass figure through artificial means is a perfect definition of a Natural Woman, Kofi added.

Kofi Mante featured Vapour on Natural and song was made available to the public last weekend.

Enjoy the track below: