Document On Service Condition “Fabricated” – GMA

The general secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Serebour, has discredited a document leaked by a presidential staffer, outlining service conditions doctors are demanding, saying the ‘fabricated’ document is to cause public rage against doctors.

The doctors have declared an indefinite strike due to what they describe as government’s apathy in addressing their concerns as they seek an upgrade on their conditions of service.

The aggrieved doctors have halted all Out Patient Department services, but will attend to emergencies until August 13.

A presidential staffer, Stan Dogbe, took to his facebook page to punch holes in the arguments being made by the medical officers.

He wrote;
‘…The demand by the doctors through the GMA go beyond what they have been putting in the news. As we speak, doctors receive among others, the following:

On-call-duty facilitation: 10% of basic salary
Accommodation (in leu): 20% of basic salary
Fuel (House Officer- SMO): 20gallons per month
Fuel (PMO – Specialist): 30gallons per month
Fuel (Sen Specialist- Consultant): 30gallons per month

The GMA is now demanding the following:
On-call-duty facilitation: 20% of basic salary
Accommodation (in leu): 40% of basic salary
Fuel (House Officer- SMO): 80gallons per month
Fuel (PMO – Specialist): 90gallons per month
Fuel (Sen Specialist- Consultant): 100gallons per month

Clothing allowance: 30% of basic salary.
Kindly review carefully, and do not look at this as an individual issue, but multiply by the number of doctors available. But for instance, with accommodation, doesn’t everybody receive 20%?

What is the situation with the private hospitals and clinics where many of these doctors including some of those who are supposed to head facilities go to still work on their off days? Is it more? Let’s get the details and compare.

How many gallons of fuel do judges, teachers, senior public servants take? Assuming that doctors must take more than all other workers, what should be the ceiling? Will a jump from 20 to 80gallons be considered realistic?

In addition to the above, the GMA is also demanding that the following be instituted, all in addition to their basic monthly salaries.

1. Utility allowance: 20% of basic salary/ month
2. Special Risk Allow: 25% of basic salary/ month
3. Professional Allow: 50% of basic salary/ month
4. Vehicle Maintenance: 20% of basic salary/ month
5. Clothing allowance: 30% of of basic salary
5. Overtime allowance: Should be increased from 40hrs/ week to 200hrs/ week.

~~~Minimum 1.5 times of daily salary: Mon to Fri
~~~Minimum 2 times of daily salary: Sat, Sun & Nights

6. Waiver on importation of vehicles
7. Fully paid Postgraduate medical education
8. Fully paid Continuous Professional Dev’t sanctioned by the Medical & Dental Council

9. Malpractice Insurance Cover for all doctors and dentists

10. Lump sum long service award: Last gross salary x 180 months (15years of service).

There you have it.
But an angry Serebour told Kafui Dey, on Morning Starr , on Starr 103.5FM Thursday that the government communicator in his quest to diffuse their arguments will make the situation worse for government to handle.

He said although some of the conditions stated are accurate, the full document contains ‘half-truth, propaganda.’

‘Where is this coming from? I find this document laughable. Very ridiculous,’ Serebour asked Kafui Dey.

‘I am telling you the whole document is a fabricated document so everything in there is not correct. Of course they have some half-truths in there but it doesn’t mean that we are demanding for something that is out of this world.

‘What is the government’s counter proposal on some of these things anyway,’ he asked.

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