Agony of visually-impaired mother; ditched by her blind lover while pregnant

The fairy love tale of how two visually-impaired adults got attracted to each other and fell in love only for the man to ditch her mistress has left many tongues wagging.

Thirty-two year old Adissa Nyankey now has to resort to begging in order to raise money to cater for herself and a child fathered by the ex-lover.

The former student of Okuapeman Senior High School at Akropong Akuapem aspires to become a teacher.

She lived happily with her visually-impaired lover she had met and began a relationship in 2007 with plans to get married.

The man who persistently impressed upon Adissa to get pregnant for him later denied responsibility when the woman took seed a few months later.

Addisa who describes her experience as terrible says the man abandoned her for fear of giving birth to a baby who may also be unable to see.

“The parents were arguing among themselves that if we are two visually-impaired, we will give birth to a visually-impaired child”.

She also narrated that her own father separated from her mum after learning of her condition.

The young mother said: “I beg for alms before I can cater for the child and myself. Life has been terrible for me. Life is not fair”.

But her in-laws now have a change of mind after they learnt that Adissa’s son was not born blind.

“Now that the child is about schooling, they now know that the child can see. They (parents) want to come for him”.

She has been sharing her chilling story on the Emotional Rescue segment of Luv FM’s Metropolitan Mix show hosted by Anitha Akua Kyerewaa Kuma.

Many, touched by her grief-stricken story were forced to shed tears, some wept uncontrollably when they called into the show.

A sobbing caller uttered, “men…men, men will never change”.

In spite of the challenges, Addisa managed to re-write and pass the West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination for private candidates.

She is keeping her dream of becoming a teacher alive, having gained admission to study History and Religion for the Bachelor of Education Degree at the University of Cape Coast. Until then, she has to do more begging on the streets, enter all corners within the Kwabre East District and adjoining Kumasi Metropolitan area hoping that, her son will one day be her helper.

“I don’t have help for the child and myself. I don’t also want to remember that pain so I don’t want to go to the boy [lover] again to hustle him for that responsibility.

“I can also benefit from my small child. At least he can hold my hand and tell me when something rough is there,” Adissa said as tears ran down her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Life and Relationship Coach, Richlove Mba, has admonished the public against maltreating physically challenged persons.

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