Akua Donkor Uses Vulgar Language

Radio listeners, particularly in the Accra/Tema Metropolis, had a rude shock when maverick politician, Akua Donkor, used unprintable words to describe her elderly colleague in a live (radio) programme.

The politician, who holds herself as founder of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), attacked the womanhood of her colleague, Maame Serwaa, when the two clashed on Adom FM during the evening news bulletin.

Maame Serwaa, who is over 70 years, was instrumental in the recent demonstration organized by some concerned elderly people in the Kumasi Metropolis to put pressure on the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government to do something about the harsh economic conditions prevailing in the country.

Matters came to a head when Akua Donkor, who now travels with President John Mahama for official engagements, was incensed by Maame Serwaa’s comment that sought to rubbish the maverick politician’s visit to Italy with the president recently.

‘When I travelled to Italy, you were all here insulting me,’ she said and added, ‘Shame on you all…you are all jealous of me.’

Maame Serwaa retorted, ‘ Italy my foot!’ And immediately hell broke loose when Akua Donkor started using unprintable words against her opponent and called her’sheep’ before hanging up the telephone.

In the initial exchanges, Maame Serwaa had told Akua Donkor that ‘Ghanaians are wide awake over your antics’ to which the politician replied, ‘You are Akufo-Addo’s buddy so you can say anything about me.’

‘I am not Akufo-Addo’s friend neither am I President Mahama’s buddy. I speak for Ghana. Exercise restraint anytime you speak. Your tantrums of late will not help the country,’ Maame Serwaa responded.

Akua Donkor shot back, ‘It is sheer jealousy and hatred you have for me that is why you are all trying to undermine me, but I won’t refrain from what I am doing.’

Maame Serwaa replied, ‘You want to bring trouble to Ghana with the statements you have been making but remember that you hail from this place (Ankaase-Ejuratia) and we know who you are.

‘If you think that today you are up there on the socio-political ladder and therefore can look down on Ghanaians, then you better watch your utterances. If you think you fly around with the president and therefore can heap insults on us, then you are getting it wrong. Leave the president to do his work. If you have any ideas give them to him and leave him alone to work.’

She again told Akua Donkor that all she (Donkor) was doing was geared toward soliciting financial help from some politicians. ‘You are only interested in money and not any good of the country,’ to which Akua Donkor retorted, ‘As for me I am looking for money but you are interested in stones!’

She accused Akua Donkor of not having a heart for people and claimed she (Akua Donkor) was childless; and the politician maintained, ‘I have no child of my own but I have been able to found a political party.’

‘I heard you stole a god (obosom) and if that is what is making you mad then you better check yourself,’ Maame Serwaa alleged, and Akua Donkor termed her accuser a sheep.

‘Stupid, useless, envious old lady. She [Maame Serwaa] and her old ladies just envy me. They have planned so many things against me which have failed. I am more knowledgeable than these old ladies…they are just jealous of me. “

By William Yaw Owusu

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