Not every gospel songstress deserves to be a Pastor’s wife – Patience Nyarko

Entertainment of Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Source: Odei Ofusu Osarfo

Patience Nyarko PastorPatience Nyarko

Gospel sensation Patience Nyarko who previously revealed she does not and has no intention of getting engaged to a man of God (pastor) has hit hard on her gospel artistes who doubles as Pastor’s wives “Asofo Maame” .

The gospel artist said some of these Pastors wives drive away souls from their husbands church with their dressing and attitude.

Due to such characters, Miss Nyarko said it is not every female gospel artists that deserves to be a pastor wife.

“Many gospel artists are collapsing their husbands’ churches. Some pastors are suffering because of their wives. Some of them because of the fame they have look down on their husbands

I will plead with pastors not to just jump into marriage with artists because they sing or have fame but rather marry women who can help them grow the church and keep the Lord’s ministry moving”, she advised

She said some Pastors wives don’t have time to support their husband at church and are always busy with showbiz activities; but it is their duty to support and work for the growth of the church.

She urged all pastors to be careful in choosing artists as wives since their mission in their work as men of God comes with a whole lot of responsibilities.

Explaining why she does not want to marry a Pastor on ATV’s “Angels Corner”, she noted she can’t just jump into a relationship with a Pastor because she sings but rather wait on God’s calling.

“Personally I have no intention of getting married to a man of God but if the time comes and that’s the direction God’s wants me to go, I can’t reject God’s calling.

But for me to just jump into a Pastor’s arm because of favor or just because I want to be called “Osofo Maame” has never existed in my world” she said.

The Trust Production singer who has her second album “Wafom Kwan” in the market further indicated that as gospel artists they are vessels of the Lord and must live their lives as such.