Nana Nketsia implores Ghanaians to speak their minds in spite of political tagging

The Paramount Chief of the Essikado Traditional Area, Nana Kobina Nketsia V is challenging Ghanaians not to back-down on their civic responsibilities to speak on issues of national importance inspite of political tagging.

According to the traditional leader, the current phenomenon where people are quickly branded as belonging to one political party or the other any time they criticize the government or parties in opposition is a deliberate ploy by these political parties to deter the citizenry from holding them to account.

He tells Joy News Ghanaians should not yield to such tactics since the nation’s survival hinges on accountability.

According to him, the very day Ghanaian will stop making their contributions to the country that is the very day the country would die.

“Let not those people who thrive on divisions stop you from talking about the unity as well as the progress. Once you yield to that, then we have lost the country,” he said.

Nana Kobina Nketsia V indicated that citizens are still struggling for a better Ghana, but was hopeful that the nation will surmount its problems some day.

The most important thing, according to him, is that whatever is being said should be the truth. “Once what you are saying is the truth you should go ahead and speak because no matter how the cork is pushed down the water, it will come out. What won’t people say about me? But so long as I know it’s the truth I will say it and as a chief, I owe it a duty to my people and to the country to speak the truth at all times.”

The traditional leader emphasized that if people thrive on divisions, they will do whatever it takes to bring about divisions among those people. He added “I personally don’t think that the NPP, NDC or any other political party in the country exist to divide us. If that is what they want to do, then we should not even use the word nation again to describe our country Ghana. Perhaps we should rather call it NDC Ghana or NPP Ghana. But no! This is Ghana, and we should speak for Ghana at all times.”

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