‘Made In Agege’ premieres at Silverbird Cinemas on August 14

Movies of Tuesday, 28 July 2015

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Made In AgegeMade In Agege

History is set to be made in the Ghanaian movie industry as the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra and Weija will for the first time premiere a movie produced from the Northern sector of Ghana; often referred to as Kumawood movies.

Despite the heavy backlash enjoyed by Kumawood movies for its poor production, bad story lines etc, it is heartwarming to know that a change is in sight especially as “Made In Agege” breaks this jinx.

Starring Lilwin, Koo Musuo, Bill Asamoah and many others, “Made In Agege” tells the untold story of the 1980’s where Danso returns home from Agege with two friends of his when their expectations of the travel was not met.

Back home, Danso and his friends engage in all forms of acts to survive. Danso however chances on a vital information that changes his life and sets the viewers of the movie MADE in “AGEGE” on a roller-coaster.

Speaking on how excited he is to have his movie premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas, (which had promised not to premiere any Kumawood movie until they had improved on quality) producer of the movie Ahenfo stated;

“I’m super excited that we can finally have a Kumawood movie premiere at the Silverbird Cinemas.

It’s been a long time coming and I’m really honoured that my movie Made In Agege made the cut for movies that can be premiered there.

It is history in the making and it’s a clear indication that we can have our movies premiered in any part of the world if we are careful about the finished product we want to serve our audience.”

He also prayed on the general public to patronize the movie which premieres on August 14 2015 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra and West Hills Mall, Weija to give Kumawood movies hope of the future.

“The success of this premiere will inform the authorities to give more room for such quality materials from Kumawood to be premiered here.”

Although not premiered yet, “Made In Agege” has won several awards including Best Cinematography, Best Artistic Merit at the Zulu African Film Academy Awards 2014 (ZAFAA) held in London.

The movie also won Golden Art Direction, Golden Makeup Artist and Golden Writer in Comedy at the 2015 Ghana Movie Awards.

Watch the trailer below: