God delivered me from an enemy in the industry – Vicky Zugah

Entertainment of Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Source: Hitzfm

Vicky AccidentVicky Zugah

Actress Vicky Zugah believes an enemy in the Ghanaian movie industry is behind her recent accident that nearly impaired her vision.

The actress, who was returning home from a movie shoot was involved in a near fatal accident a few weeks ago between the Dzorwulu Golden Tulip Inn and the GIMPA back road in West Legon, Accra.

The incident affected the light skinned actress’ left eye, cheek and left hand. She has however been discharged from the Lapaz Community Hospital where she received treatment.

Hitz FM’s Mzgee paid a visit to the actress at her Accra residence. She gave Hitz FM an insight into what exactly happened and life after the unfortunate incident.

Mzgee: Vicky how are you doing?

Vicky: I’m doing great and I’m feeling great because I am really healing rapidly and I am very grateful to God for how far He has brought me.

Mzgee: When were you discharged?

Vicky: Four days ago.

Mzgee: I see your red eye is whitening up now?

Vicky: They are. The eye drops burns like pepper but its helping get rid of the redness. My eye specialist at 37 Military hospital has been of tremendous help.

Mzgee: I see a huge plaster on your cheek, what is happening there?

Vicky: It’s the windscreen. I had a cut on my face and the upper part had to be stitched but it is healing because it’s not really a deep cut.

Mzgee: Is this the first time that you have been involved in an accident?

Vicky: This is actually the second but this was more severe than the previous. I’m human, I go through a lot of trauma, when I sleep, I dream a lot compared to the past, sometimes even if I’m not asleep. When I close my eyes and I am lying down, I find myself walking in some weird places, sometimes I see cars coming towards me like they want to hit me so psychologically, I’m traumatized but gradually God has been faithful.

Mzgee: When did they say your face will heal?

Vicky: I have two letters from my first hospital, Lapaz community. One to see an eye specialist and another to see a dermatologist to help heal my face.

Mzgee: What actually happened?

Vicky: I was coming home from the movie set, I used the sharp curve on the Tulip inn, GIMPA road and this truck was coming towards me carrying this kiosk and the road was narrow, so I could neither reverse nor climb the pavement so I had to slow down for him to mange his way and the guy was on top speed. His car didn’t touch my car but it was the kiosk he was carrying that smashed my windscreen. It was the broken pieces of the windscreen that broke my face and my hand.

Mzgee: And he drove off?

Vicky: When it happen he slowed down and when blood started oozing from my face, entered my eyes and I started shouting my eyes, eyes, I heard him speed off.

Mzgee: You were driving alone?

Vicky: Yes

Mzgee: Who came to your rescue?

Vicky: Some guy by name Kofi, I don’t have his number, I haven’t seen him afterwards and I don’t know where to find him. He was driving by and heard me screaming.

Mzgee: What about your car?

Vicky: My car is gone. The whole side and windscreen is gone. Mzgee: Would you be able to identify the car or driver?

Vicky: I couldn’t see anything, I know it is a white KIA truck but I don’t know the number, I can’t identify the driver.

Mzgee: What lessons do you take from this experience?

Vicky: I’m very stubborn, Sunday before the accident. I was warned, I was cautioned. A pastor visited my church and mentioned my name though he didn’t know me. He said some light skinned Vic is going to have an accident this week so she should be careful and then the whole church prayed for me but I thought it was one of those things because most of the time I hear stuff like that and it doesn’t happen so I didn’t really take keen interest in it. We have to take our spiritual life seriously. Even if you don’t believe in God, whatever you believe in. Just seek direction.

Mzgee: Has this experience changed your spirituality in anyway?

Vicky: Yes it has, it really has ‘paa’ (giggling) because now I’m forced to pray every morning. I’m forced to commit my day into the hands of the Lord. Temptations are bound to happen and I tell the Lord to reduce some of the things the enemy is planning against me. This industry is crazy, you don’t think about anybody, you don’t have any evil thought for anybody but people are seriously going places and using your name, they want to clear you off and occupy your space.

They want to take food off your table, they want to have what you have and everything when you are innocently going about your activities so if you are not strong in what you believe in, they take over your blessings. They don’t care, they will use any means so I’m now force to completely surrender to God. His will must be done and I know His will is not to harm me.