Live update: Multimedia 20th Anniversary Church service underway

The 20th Anniversary service for media conglomerate, Multimedia is ongoing at the International Central Gospel church, Christ Temple, Abbossey Okai in Accra.

Moderated by pastor Albert Ocran, the choir is currently doing a rendition of Nigerian gosple superstar Sinach’ In the name of Jesus’. There is no mistaking that the choir here is simply gifted. It will take extra factor to be among 12-member choir here. Instrumentation here is enviable. it is liking paying a ticket to attend an international gospel concert.

But this is just an ICGC church serivce.

Without much ceremony, pastor Mensa Otabil is introduced to the packed audience. In his typical African wear he is leading the church to make its Perfection declaration.

Patterned on Sinach’s song, the church is upstanding and reciting uplifting words

“We have a delegation from Joy Fm. Normally I don’t do this but for them I do it specially…the reason I am doing that is because they were the first station I preached on” he said to applause of the audience.

He continued that on 18 May 1995, he gave his first Living Word broadcast, around the time that his daughter was being born.

“I hold that station dear to my heart”, he said.

He promised to do a brief preaching and then led the church in prayer. Isa 45:22-23

Look to me and be saved for I am God and there is no other.

God’s word, he says, does not return. He reads Isa 55:8-11 where the prophet says God’s ways are not are ways or his thoughts our thoughts.

He stresses that God always thinks differently about situations of men. He recalls Jesus’s thinking when stranded in the wilderness, the disciples resigned themselves to hunger. They ruled out any chance to provide food for over 5,000 followers.

But Jesus thought differently as he was able to provide food to feed the multitude in excess. Pastor Otabil paints a picture of how impossible it is for rain to fall backwards whiling its raining.

Digging into his basic agricultural knowledge, he explains that rain only transporter of what’s in the ground (nutrients) into plants.

“The Word of God transport nutrients to us”, he compares.

He continues that if God wants to heal us, or prosper us, he transports that through his Word.

“Every Word of God has a coded message…. I believe there is a Word for you”

He recalls the first Gulf War when Iraq was attacked by the U.S.

“That was when we heard the word inter-continental ballistic missiles”. He said the Americans did not go to Iraq but sat in the Persian Gulf to launch programmed attacks against somebody sitting his somewhere “he has no clue”.

The missile does not return “void”, he said. He challenges the audience to believe that if man can have a ballistic missile that zooms on a target without missing, then surely God can do so much more better in send his children specific words.

He quotes Deut 32:1-3, where Moses says God’s teaching is like rain.

Any teaching that ascribes greatness to God becomes rain that falls upon lives, Otabil explains.

Moving on, he says this is the theory of How God’s Word works. Looking for examples of practice, he refers to Luke 5:17-26.

He stresses that while Jesus was teaching, the Bible says “the power of God was present to heal them”.

He says it is impossible to be in an atmosphere of favour, healing or prosperity and till be disadvantaged, sick or broke, he says.

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