Government Must Deal With Cedi Depreciation — Eric Amoako

The Managing Director of Cheki Eric Twum Amoako is appealing to the Government of Ghana to consider the figures in the Cedi Depreciation than focusing on the payment of import duties and taxations.

Mr. Twum Amoako said this will help business entities in their long term planning and the development of the country since the cedi depreciations remains a major problem to the state.

“Again and again import vehicles are gradually becoming expensive for customers to purchase based on the depreciation of the cedi equivalent to the figures” he said.

Eric Amoako made the disclosure at the opening ceremony of a one week Cheki Ghana .Com Auto Fair at polo club house in Accra.

The fair which is the first of it king will bring together various stakeholders in the industry to interact and share ideals.

‘Even though we are online company it is important we extend our activities off-line, since people are bit skeptical because of online business but the fair will bring to the door step what cheki Ghana and all online business entails.

Consequently online as we speak has over 100,000 visitors, hardcore strong advertisers and in the next year to come the number will increase therefore as business entities we need to work hard to achieve our target and reach forth as much as we can, he said.

“We offer opportunity to extend channels to parameters within which people will identify and know the brand, and this can be than through mobile, tablet and laptops.

He emphasized that Social Media is one of the strong tools people can use to promote whatever brand or business you are into

In terms of security he said the Cheki Ghana has strong collaboration with the security expert including the police, immigration officer and others to make sure they work through the agencies without any illegal transaction.

Cheki Ghana.Com is looking at ourselves as major player in business as we work hard to put insurance and financing into business within the next few years to come for people who are in the buying industry to benefit.

Some stakeholders present at the fair include Rana Motors, KIA, Peugeot, De-Georgia, Nissan, Fair log International and many more.

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