CSOs Urge Govt To Prioritize Funding On Public Services

The coalition of civil society organizations in Ghana has launched their 2015 Action plan aim at addressing the plight and welfare of the poor in society.

The group says haven followed keenly the discussions of human development and economic injustices around the world, and being cognizant of the fact that the current global systems does not inure to welfare of the poor in society and especially in developing countries like Ghana and undermines national developmental efforts.

Furthermore, the coalition is aware of the wealth gap and positive contribution that the developed world and multinational companies can make to the socio-economic development of people all over the world including those in Ghana.

With a growing concern about the social, environmental consequences of inequality within and between countries and that large numbers in chronic poverty, it retards economic growth, threatens social harmony and pulls society back.

Similarly, conscious of the above and the fact that unless positive action is taken, capitalizing on our common interest and the power of the citizens around the world under the ACTION2015 banner, the CSOs think is very crucial at this time and therefore spelt out 5 key recommendation or interventions to the Government of Ghana .

-That the Government of Ghana led by the Minister of Finance attends the Third Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa and impress on his colleague leaders to set up their commitment to international development and aid financing.

-The government steps up to their commitments and prioritize funding essential public services like schools and hospitals and leave nobody behind by funding fairly.

-Also, government must ensure that investments are low carbon and fight against climate change considering both adaptation and mitigation measures equally as they are taken seriously and funded

-That multinationals are made to pay their fair share of taxes while working with Governments to end tax havens and illicit financial flows from Africa.

-That government continues to open up her books to the public to encourage transparency and deepen processes for the benefit of all.

The group says they make these recommendations as we work closely with government and other civil society organizations to ensure beneficial re-distribution of the wealth of our time for sustainable development and a better future for all.

They pledge further commitment to take necessary initiatives in our own sphere to rally the world behind this good course, believing that together as a global movement of citizens with a common interest, we raise their voices today but also for the generations of tomorrow.

Mr. Bernard Anaba, Policy Analyst, Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC), stated that, ‘’it is important to educate the public on the SDGs, Climate change and other conferences in this regard like the third financing for development conference to be held in Addis, Ethiopia and this information therefore must not be left at the prerogative of a few privileged in society. This we seek to do at ISODEC.’’

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