Uncle Chester still silent on being gay; but against same-sex marriage

Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Source: Tv3network.com

Uncle Chester AnieUncle Chester

Fans of Joseph Bentil Ani, widely known in showbiz as Uncle Chester, may never have the opportunity to know the sexual orientation of the man rumored to be gay in a society that largely frowns against the practice.

Uncle Chester, a lawyer of nearly 30 years experience and an entertainer, was once the exciting host of the kids Reality Show on TV, ‘Time With Chester’.

The entertainer, who once managed the popular Chester’s Place, a night club, have had to live with the tag of being a homosexual for long but hardly spoke about the subject.

The rumor mongers said he posed a threat to the kids under his care and may have even abused some of them sexually.

Uncle Chester said he would love to manage the club again because it was an amazing experience as he met all sort of people. But that club, was once rumored to be a meeting place for homosexuals.

“I heard X-rated stories about me. I have a PHD in the study of humans by having a club for ten years. I have seen everything and nothing about anybody surprises me. It was a place full of love. I only had time to tolerate people who had good attitude. I don’t like nasty people around me and I am very protective over women in public places”.

Now at 55, but looking younger and fresh with swag and style, Uncle Chester, who appeared on TV3’s New Day on Wednesday July 22, perhaps,had the chance to clear the air.

“I don’t need to explain myself”

But the entertainer told host, Nana Aba Anamoah on ‘Uncovered’, a segment of the New Day programme, that he owes no one an explanation for his sexual orientation.

Uncle Chester, who remained silent for a few seconds when the question about his sexuality was posed to him said “I don’t care, do you know why? Because I don’t need to explain myself to anybody whether I am straight, gay, married or single.Can I explain my height to anybody?

This morning how did you choose your dress? Did you look into your wardrobe and say today I am going to be a lesbian today? It’s such a boring topic meaning I have heard it too many times so I am not concerned. Then why are guys also worried by telling me I am too close to their women which I get a lot of flak for.

You know in this country; we are beautiful people on the outside but inside I have a problem with a lot of people. Mind your own bloody business till I have harmed you. They can get the answer, you know where I live right? So anybody who will ask you that send them to my bedroom and they will come out with their answer” he retorted.

Pushed further on whether he is gay or not, he retorted again “Why must I answer that question to you or on TV? “Are you a prostitute? he asked the host, Nana Aba Anamoah.

When the host responded no, Uncle Chester said ” how do you know that is not what people are saying about you? And what’s your definition of a prostitute? So even if you said yes; has it changed anything for me? Do I need to talk to you, sit in your car, go to dinner with you or buy you a gift? Do you know how many things people think about you? Do you need to worry about everything? Do you think I have that time to care about what your cameraman does with his life? He hasn’t bothered me so why would I concern myself?” he asked.

“Is it my sense of dress? Is it the fact that I love my cologne? Is it the fact that I have some swag? Does it really matter? The fact that you wear something and its low cut and high slid and make-up are you a whore?” he asked.

Lately, Uncle Chester was only seen publicly when he featured in an advert for Fruteli, a fruit beverage.

Uncle Chester who said he considers marriage a prison, however stated that respect marriage as an institution.

Asked whether he was ever married he retorted ” Why would I do that? Go to prison? There is nothing wrong with marriage. There is too much talk in marriage.

Times have changed and I think the whole world has gone crazy. I think it’s a wonderful institution although for a lot, marriage looks chaotic. It can be amended by social consciousness. But I am very available; I am a free spirit” Chester said laughingly.

Commenting on the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the US, Uncle Chester said he is against it.

“Without getting stones thrown at me, I am not in agreement with same sex marriage. I think the institution of marriage is unique. I don’t get it or maybe I don’t understand the reasons for it and I can’t understand transgender either. I am wondering if it is very necessary. It’s just my viewpoint” he noted.

He however noted that there was the need for Ghana as country to consider a holistic discussion and a way forward on homosexuality but disagreed with those calling on the President to make his view on the subject public